Fender Bullet One Deluxe 1981

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Fender's Bullet guitars replaced the Musicmaster and Mustang as the company's student range. Using the same pickups as its predecessors, the Bullet offers the same sweet sound, but adds a full scale neck and - in the case of the Deluxe - a hard tail bridge from a strat, with a string-through-body design. Those are both major improvements, in my book.

This USA-made Bullet one Deluxe from 1981 is very nice to play, with low action. It offers a sound somewhat in between tele and strat, and is all around solid and ready to get back on stage (cool bonus for that: the pickups are hum cancelling in the middle position). It's in great shape as well.


Condition: very good, with normal play wear for its age and light scratches. At some point, an extra strap pin hole was drilled.

Modifications: the strap pins have been changed to Schaller strap locks

Repairs: none