About wurst.guitars

Hi, I'm Jef, a guitar freak who's collecting addiction got out of hand. So I made a job out of it!

I try to find interesting old and new guitars that play really well (once in a while, a museum piece does come by as well) and I only sell things that I can get excited by myself. My goal is to help you find an instrument that truly inspires you.

All guitars are thoroughly checked and receive a setup and fresh strings. I write honest descriptions of the guitars, so you can reliably assess their condition.

Wurst.guitars does not have a store location (yet?), but it is possible to test out a guitar at my home. Since they are kept in storage in a different location for security reasons, please make an appointment several days in advance and let me know which guitars or effects you would like to try. Due to me having neighbours, only bedroom volume is possible when testing.

You can also find wurst.guitars on Reverb.


Telephone: +49-151-28831031
Email: mail@wurst.guitars


Wurst.guitars is an officially registered business. In accordance with German BGB § 19 UStG, VAT is not charged, nor listed separately on invoices. In the EU, all items have a one year legal warranty. You can return items within 14 days after receiving them. I do not cover return shipping costs unless the item differs significantly from the description on wurst.guitars