Repairs & Mods

Is your guitar in need of some tender loving care, or do you want to mod it to suit your needs better? From a good setup, to repairing broken bits, to really changing what your guitar is capable of - I'd love to help you out. We discuss the details by mail or phone before. If needed, I can help you with designing mods (wiring and switching design, recommendations on which pickups would work, what brass saddles would do for you etc.) . We agree on a price before the work starts, so there are no surprises. You can either bring in and collect your instrument, or we do everything by mail.


Boutique custom guitars

Maintenance and repairs

  • Complete set-up (includes new strings, cleaning body and fretboard, polishing the frets, lubricating nut and saddles, setting neck relief and intonation, oiling the fretboard) - get the most out of your instrument!
  • Fret leveling and polishing
  • Correcting neck angle on screw-neck guitars
  • Repairing headstock cracks and breaks
  • Exchanging broken electronic parts

Gretsch guitar maintenance


  • Installing Bigsby Vibratos
  • New pickups (including routing the body and installing or routing a new pickguard, if necessary)
  • Designing and installing new control configurations (switching, tone and volume controls, out-of-phase sounds, kill switches etc.)
  • Upgrading parts (tuners, saddles, pots...)
  • Winding new pickups to your specifications (including help with deciding on specs)

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