Supro Hampton with 3 Gold Foil Pickups

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From Supro's Island series, this is a superb 3 Pickup Hampton in a blue sparkle finish. Around 2016, Supro reissued a couple of classic Valco guitar designs and made them to very high standards. The hampton comes with great sounding gold foil pickups on a lightweight Alder body, with a neck featuring a 25,5" scale length and a really lovely, quite fat, neck profile. A five way switch gives access to several out of phase options as well, so this guitar covers a lot of sounds, all of them with loads of clarity and defined bass. These pickups love fuzz, and sound great clean as well. The guitar is resonant and eminently playable, workmanship is top notch.

Condition: very good, some corrosion on some screws and the middle pickup has lost some gold paint in two spots

Modifications: none

Repairs: none