Squier Classic Vibe Baritone Telecaster - modded and upgraded!

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The Squier Classic Vibe Baritone Telecaster is a classy guitar, with a double bound body and vintage style. It's got a 27" scale length, and would normally be tuned from B to B. Like all models in Squier's Classic Vibe line, it's excellently built, rivaling Mexican Fender guitars. This one was a personal project, and modded for absolute coolness. It now is a 4-sound baritone esquire and kicks serious ass.

These are the mods:

  • custom one-off hand-wound pickup with oversized Alnico 3 magnets and a steel baseplate. Coil tapped for two output levels: 7,5 k low output with awg42 wire - and full output at 13k with 43awg. Scatterwound
  • compensated brass saddles
  • abalone style pickguard
  • neck edges lightly rolled
  • back of the neck sanded back a tiny bit to make it easier to play
  • lacquer at the neck pocket sanded back to improve neck to body connection
  • frets polished
  • original Fender bridge cover added
  • original Fender 4-way Tele switch added
  • Tone and volume knob removed
  • Kill switch for stutter effects added

With the four way switch and tapped pickup, you get four very different sounds:

  • tapped output straight to jack: a beautiful 1960s twangy telecaster sound, inspired by Bill Frisell
  • tapped output through a cap: modded version of the Fender Esquire's bass circuit. It gives a warm but not muffled sound, with hints of acoustic and jazz archtop
  • full output straight to jack: a LOUD mid focused sound, in between an overwound Nocaster and Jonny Greenwood's lead tone
  • full output through a cap: very strongly mid focused cocked-wah sound, not unlike Brian May's lead tone.

I strung it with flatwounds for added weirdness. It's a badass guitar, and its playability, sustain and tone are a lot better than the stock Squier. Very little playwear, most importantly a small scratch below the bridge. All original parts (saddles, pickups, pickguard, pots and knobs) will be included. Price includes 19% VAT