Rickenbacker 230 Hamburg with case

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Six string Rickenbackers consistently represent some of the best value options in the vintage guitar market. Even though they've been used by major artists on top-selling records, their prices are a lot lower than those of older Fenders and Gibsons. This is certainly not due to the build quality, which is at a much higher level than that of the big F and G (even in the 60s). The 200 series was Rickenbacker's attempt at a lower cost instrument, featuring a bolt-on neck, less decoration than the top models and a solid body construction. There are no compromises on quality, however. It is a largely handcrafted maple guitar with a rosewood fretboard, Rickenbacker's beautiful Jetglo finish and seriously versatile electronics. The pickups are all original hum reducing single coils, and the tone controls are passive, but work in a subtractive (i.e. classical) as well as additive manner (by using excess power generated by the pickups) - this is close to magic, and magical is the way it sounds as well. A cool, simple rock and roll machine, offering a modern take on the Rick vibe.

Condition: very good, with some wear and surface scratches. Fully original and fully functional. No mods or repairs

Includes: original hard case and booklet