Relish Guitars Shady A Mary

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Relish Guitars from Switzerland make extraordinary instruments, with real improvements for gigging musicians. This Shady A Mary has got an aluminium core suspended with magnets and rubber spacers between high density wood laminates. The neck is bolted directly to the aluminium core, and the strings attach to it as well, making for a rock solid, freely resonating instrument with bucketloads of sustain. Unlike wood instruments, it's fully resistant to temperature and humidity changed and has no dead spots. The hollow construction translates in a sound not unreminiscent of an ES-335, but with a bit less compression a sharper attack, and a lot more sustain. The middle position brings Rickenbacker-like chime. The neck is a joy to play, making for an instrument that, as a whole, will do anything you want and challenge you to become a better player. One of the best guitars I've ever played.

Condition: very good, with some play wear (one larger scratch on the front, two on the back, some shiny areas in the matte finish)

Repairs: none

Modifications: none

Includes: original Case