Paul Reed Smith PRS McCarty 594 in Autumn Sky

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This is one special guitar - easily in my top 5 of nicest guitars I've ever seen and played, and certainly the best PRS I've ever laid my hands on. This McCarthy 594 from 2019 is extremely good looking, with a deep flame and a lush finish (Autumn Sky is a very rare finish, since it was only available as an Artist Package option). But the way it rings is even more impressive than its looks - this one has that magic sound: it's open, bell-like, with endless sustain. The tones have girth and lightness at the same time. And even when you strum it acoustically, you notice immediately that this guitar is extraordinary. It makes Gibson Custom Shop guitars look cheap, and will happily carry you to an entire gig with its fabulous low turn humbuckers and comfortable Pattern Vintage neck profile.

Condition: mint and fully original. No mods or repairs

Includes: original case and case candy