Ovation Deacon 12 String

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So, this is a pretty rare beast... And one of the finest 12 strings ever made. The Ovation Deacon is the deluxe version of the Breadwinner, and it is a remarkably well made guitar. It features a light weight mahogany body and neck, and an ebony fretboard. The electronics are active, very flexible and very musical. You get out of phase switching, clean boost, and a tone control that boosts bass or treble without affecting the other frequencies too much. In the 12 string version, that makes for a really interesting instrument, which will give you a lot of different sounds. It's comfier than a Rickenbacker, it's got a lot more sustain (did you spot the single piece brass bridge?), and I think it sounds better.

Condition: excellent, with a few small dings. One of the switches has been replaced, otherwise original