K'mo Guitars DC Junior 2019 - hand made in Berlin Junior / Telecaster Hybrid in Korina

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Beautiful, hand made Telecaster / Junior hybrid from K'mo in Berlin. This is the perfect rock'n roll guitar, no frills but excellently built. The hand wound P90 (which is the best P90 I've ever heard) can go from sweet to snarl, the controls are perfectly matched: this is a great guitar for getting a wide range of sounds just by changing picking strength, tone and volume - It fits especially well in a guitar-straight-into-an-overdriven-tube-amp type of rig. Choice woods, good parts, swanky looks: essentially a pretty dreamy instrument.

  • Korina Body
  • Korina Neck(oil finish)
  • Katalox Fretboard
  • 647mm scale (like Fender)
  • 12" radius
  • open pore Finish(black) which lets the instrument breathe
  • Wilkinson Bridge
  • Kluson Tuner
  • Handmade K`mo Pickups(p90)
  • 100% made in Berlin/Germany,no external Parts used, no partscaster


Condition: Set up and very nice to play. A little play wear on the thin finish - please check the pictures.

Mods: none

Repairs: none