Klira Triumphator in Blue Velvet from the 60s

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Did you need a guitar covered in blue velour? This hyper-cool Klira Triumphator from the early 60s is softer than your grandpa's suit, and puts out seriously good tones. Blue velour on the front, tolex on the back, two superb single coils and a functional if subtle vibrato make for an attractive and eminently usable guitar. The neck is a joy to play and the tuners are stable. The tone from the neck pickup is absolutely gorgeous.

Add some blue suede shoes and you're ready to go.

Condition: excellent, around the cutaway, the back tolex has lifted a bit. The vibrato works and stays in tune, but will only give you a mild wobble.Tuners are a little stiff but work.

Repairs: none

Modifications: none