Jolana Diskant from the 1960s

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This is a lovely guitar from former Czechoslovakia, made in the 1960s. Older Eastern European archtop guitars can be gems - made by trained luthiers with backgrounds in violin making. This Jolana Diskant sure is one of these gems, with a lovely neck and good looks. It's very lively acoustically, much more than for example an Epiphone Casino. The pickups do a great job of amplifying the acoustic character, they are a bit like a cross between P90s and Gretsch single coils, but with less hum. Especially the neck pickup has got a great blues and jazz tone.

Condition: quite a lot of wear, but nothing structural, just lacquer damages (see pictures). There is heavy binding rot on the headstock and the top of the neck, similar to what you'd expect on a Gretsch. Structurally and electronically, it's ready to play

Modifications: none

Repairs: none