Ibanez Japan RG 620 QM from 2002

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This made in Japan RG is a fantastic guitar, with a build quality comparable to the current Japanese Prestige models. The RG is of course Ibanez' most famous model, and this RG 620QM comes -as an RG should- with the locking tremolo. It's party piece is the quilted maple top - it's subtle underneath the Sapphire finish, but it adds class and flash. The electronics are an Ibanez V8 humbucker at the bridge and Ibanez V7 at the neck, with a five way switch and volume and tone controls. A great guitar, ready to rock.

Condition: very good, with light wear for it's age (most noticeable is a scratch on the back). Fully original. The frets are in good condition. No mods or repairs

Included: old non original hard case, not in good shape and not suited for touring use, it's offered with the guitar to protect it during shipping.