Ibanez Artist AR-300 from 1983

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This is Ibanez' top model from the early 80s, crafted in Japan to rival and top the Les Paul. It's a glorious chunk of rock 'n roll, with full, warm sounds and silly long sustain. This AR-300 feels alive and resonant. It's got splittable humbuckers (and the single coil sounds are surprisingly great), an ebony fretboard and a single piece mahogany body, topped with a thick maple cap and a rare goldtop finish. A remarkable instrument, which I'm sure will make you very happy.

Condition: fully original, good for its age with normal play wear. The binding around the body is showing some rot, which is typical for this model. The neck binding does not show signs of rot.

Mods: none

Repairs: none

Includes: a vintage Tokai case, which is missing two latches and it's no longer functional - good enough for storage, but not for carrying the guitar around.