Höfner 4560 V2 Thinline Vibrato

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This lovely thinline Höfner from the 60s is in very good shape. It's most likely a 4560 V2, and it is fully original. The two diamond pickups offer a sweet sound, and the neck is smooth and straight. It looks gorgeous with the spruce top and flame maple back and neck.

Condition: excellent, with light wear. Freshly cleaned and set up, the action is pleasantly low, the neck angle correct and the vibrato works smoothly. Fully original without repairs

Mods: currently, the tone caps (always on, they filter the sound of the pickups) are disconnected from the circuit (which opens up the sound and makes it more punchy - I prefer it this way). If you want, I'll reconnect them - it's just a soldering joint.

Includes: vintage faux-leather bag