Godin Radiator from the late 90s

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Godin seems to specialize in excellent, unusual instruments that fly under the radar. I like them a lot, since they are consistently well made, easy to play and have great pickups. Which is the case with this Radiator as well. Made in Canada, it's got a hollowed out body capped with that giant pickguard, and adorned with two marvelous pickups. They're on the Gretsch - Rickenbacker side of the tonal spectrum: nicely detailed and bright, with tight, piano-like basses. Which means the sound you get from this quirky beauty is a lot better  and more interesting than anything else you could get at this price. It's easy to play as well and will last you a lifetime.

Condition: very good with very light playwear on the front and some scratches on the back. Fully original