Godin LR Baggs Acousticaster from the 80s

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The Godin LR Baggs model is probably the only acoustic-in-an-electric-form guitar that I can care about. The technology in this guitar is fascinating: It features a resonating harp with 18 tuned metal tines underneath the bridge, and a wonderful 18V preamp. This gives it a warm, organic sound - nothing like what you'd expect from a piezo guitar. Add to that its timeless telecaster look and the retro-futuristic, bold control panel and you've got a classic instrument.

This one is from the 80s and has been gigged a lot. It's wonderful to play and ready to go for the next 30 years. Made in Canada, of course.

Condition: good to very good, the neck shows a lot of play wear (which has improved playability), the body has two larger dings on the front, but overall relatively little play wear for its age.

Modifications: one non original screw at the string tree

Repairs: Battery connectors resoldered