Gibson Melody Maker D from 1968 with original case

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This is a gorgeous SG shaped Melody Maker in sparkling burgundy. It's in superb, fully original condition and comes with its original chipboard case, strap and coiled cable. These student guitars were made just as well as other Gibsons in the 60s, but with a reduced feature set. So what you get is a mahogany SG with all the correct curves and a mahogany neck with a great neck profile and rosewood fingerboard. As for electronics, it comes with two single coils with bar magnets - these don't have a great reputation, but I think that's if you expect humbucker sounds. They are actually lap steel single coils and have a lot of power, punch and definition. Together with the very useful dual tone and volume controls, you can get tele, strat and P90 Gibson sounds without a problem. They can scream, or you roll things back for bluesy or jazzy tones. All in all, a versatile, perfectly usable and great looking vintage Gibson.

Condition: very good, with light wear for its age (some shallow scratches and some chips in the lacquer, mainly on the sides).

Modifications: none, the guitar is fully original

Repairs: none

Includes: original chipboard case, strap and coily cable.