Gibson Les Paul Recording 1972 - only 4,15 kg!

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The Recording is a super flexible, and cool as hell, variation on the Les Paul theme. It's got an incredibly wide range of sounds, that are all very useful - this is no gimmicky guitar. Full on, it's got a powerful humbucker roar, but then, with the out of phase switch and the treble and bass controls, you can shape that into a variety of sweet or spiky tones. The decade switch lets you change the overtones: it's almost like putting in different humbuckers.

This one is surprisingly light at 4,15 kg and very nice to play, with loads of sustain and resonance.

Condition: good, with clear traces of use, especially some lacquer fading and discoloration. There is some lacquer damage around the neck joint, but it's not in the wood and the joint is very stable. One pickguard screw is missing

Modifications: none

Repairs: none

Includes: non original vintage case