Gibson Howard Roberts Custom from 1974

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This fabulous Gibson Howard Roberts is in fully original condition and plays and sounds like a dream. The Howard Roberts Custom's unique design required Gibson to make this pretty much entirely by hand, and they're easily the best guitars Gibson made in the 70s. It's got luxurious appointments, a gorgeous sounding humbucker, very versatile controls thanks to addition of a mids tone knob, and a smooth and fast neck. Modern players that enjoy the Howard Roberts Custom include Gilad Hekselman and Rotem Sivan.

Condition: very good with a little bit of lacquer checking. Fully original including untouched solder joints. The pickguard is included but the binding on it is disintegrating (as is common with these guitars). The tone knob is not working, mids and volume are though. I can replace the tone knob if desired. This guitar was marked as a factory second due to an irregularity in the grain on the back.

Mods / Repairs: none

Includes: original hard case ( in good shape) and original pickguard (binding crumbling)