Gibson ES-330 TD Sunburst from 1966 with case and hang tags!

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Well, this would fit nicely in your museum. Or you can use it live and for recording and wonder how you lived without it for so long. It's an all original ES-330 from 1966, still with the long neck joint. And it's only had one owner. The original hang tags, as well as the invoice and the owner's guitar strap and cable are still in the gorgeous yellow Victoria case.

The guitar is in a fantastic condition. No play wear, but some finish checking and the pickguard has warped a bit. It's been treated very gently. This is no case of a lemon that didn't get played because it wasn't good enough, though. It's the best sounding guitar I've ever heard and plays like a dream. The P90s are to die for. And it is so beautiful. A masterpiece of guitar building, from Gibson's best days.

The ES-330 is still somewhat affordable (relatively speaking) and may well be the only guitar you need. Whether you want to rock the hell out of it, or treat it like an investment: it's sure to bring the smiles.


Condition: excellent, without play wear but with some lacquer checking and a warped pickguard

Modifications: none

Repairs: none

Includes: Original Victoria case, hang tags, original invoice, strap and cable from the 60s