Gibson EB-0 Bass from 1967

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Gibson made a number of super cool bass guitars, and this EB-0 from the sixties is no exception. I think the looks of the SG are even prettier as a bass guitar, it's just a fabulous looking instrument. It features a comfortable neck with a 30 inch scale and great tuners. It's "Mudbucker" gives you speaker ratlling, wooly lows - not the best for slappy, trebly stuff, but great for early rock 'n roll, R&B, Soul, Hiphop, modern electronic music and even jazz. The fully functioning mute gives you an additional sound and will fake a double bass in a pinch. Great looks, easy to play and a unique voice that's highly useful: The EB-0 is deservedly a classic.

This particular Gibson EB-0 is in excellent, all original condition. The pots are dated to 1966. The serial number is extremely hard to read (due to the stinger headstock, painted black in the factory), but the best guess of the serial number is 600654, which puts it at 1966 to 1968.

Condition: excellent, with minor play wear for it's age and only a couple of nicks. The finish shows a very attractive checking pattern.

Repairs: none

Modifications: none

Includes: a non original hard case from the 60s, on which the lock is broken