G&L USA Legacy from 1994

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Another great guitar from G&L! From Leo Fender's last company comes this Strat-style guitar, with fab, classic sounds and perhaps the best neck profile in the business. This guitar is incredibly smooth to play, it just feels perfect. Fit and finish is top notch, as you'd expect from G&L - especially from this period.

This Legacy comes with MFD pickups instead of Alnicos, locking Sperzel tuners and a 12" fretboard radius, so it's possible that it was a custom order. The tremolo is set up to float.

Condition: very good, the paint has yellowed over time and there are about 6 spots (5-8mm in diameter) which have been retouched unprofessionally

Repairs: none

Modifications: none

Includes: Original hard case with touring stickers and documents.