G&L Fullerton Standard ASAT Classic in Spanish Copper Metallic, from 2018

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This gorgeous, sparkly ASAT is pretty much as good as new! The ASAT was of course Leo Fender's final version of his Telecaster design, featuring a couple of subtle yet serious ímprovements. G&L continue to make some of the best guitars on the planet (I think they make the best "factory line" Teles), and this US-made ASAT is no exception.

The guitar has a stunning Spanish Copper sparkle finish, it's truly a beautiful instrument. But it does not only look good: it sounds fantastic, and is a dream to play. The MFD-Pickups (one of Leo's inventions) have real telecaster character, but open it up a bit. The fully intonating bridge and powerful tone controls make it easy to get the sound you want.

I'd keep it myself, but then my child will go hungry and that ain't fair.

Condition: mint, there is just the tiniest dent on one side, which you only see in the right light and is impossible to photograph.

Modifications: none

Repairs: none

Included: G&L Gigbag and Certificate of Authenticity