G&L Fullerton Deluxe S-500 from 2020

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The S-500 is Leo Fender's last word on the Stratocaster - with improved electronics and handling. This swamp ash guitar features G&L's stunning MFD pickups, which offer more highs and lows than Alnico Pickups. It's got a treble and bass tone control, so you can sculpt out a wide variety of tones (including those alnico tones - why doesn't every guitar have this tone control setup? ). A mini toggle switch offers two additional positions: neck and bridge pickup (as on a tele), or all pickups on. Compared to a G&L Legacy, it's got slightly deeper curves. As with all USA G&L guitars, fit and finish is flawless on this superbly playable guitar.

Condition: near mint, with only very faint traces of use. Fully original

Includes: Thomann hard case