Fender Will Ray Jazz-a-Caster from 97

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A limited edition cooperation between the Hellecasters' Will Ray and Fender Japan Custom, this Jazz-a-Caster might be the coolest Fender ever made. Its body is covered in real gold foil, the pickups are custom Jazzmaster pickups made by Seymour Duncan for this guitar and it's got clever electronics, with a four way switch and double tone control. Of course it comes with Will Ray's Hipshot B-Bender (with a rod you press on your hip to bend the B-string up), and this guitar has got a G-Bender as an upgrade. It's light and lively and seriously cool.

Condition: very good, with some wear (seen on the pictures), which makes it look even more cool.

Mods: G-Bender added to the Hipshot Bender (can be removed without traces)

Repairs: none

Includes: Fender gig bag (these did not come with a case back in the day)