Fender USA Stratocaster Plus from 1995 in Olympic White

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Another great Strat Plus! This one from 1995 is nice and light at 3.5kg and really great to play. The Stratocaster Plus was Fender's top of the line production model at the time, sitting right below the Custom Shop. It's no surprise then, that these are some of the best guitars from the 90s. This guitar comes with a two point vibrato and roller saddle, as well as three Lace Sensor Gold noiseless pickups (in my opinion, these old Lace Sensors blow every modern noiseless pickup out of the water). It's resonant and lively, and it's got a great tone. In very good condition, and ready to rock.

Condition: very good, with some play wear (a couple of smaller nicks, and buckle rash). The lacquer has yellowed a bit. Fully original except for the tuners

Repairs / Mods: the tuners have been replaced with Fender vintage replica tuners. At some point, string trees were installed - these were removed and the holes plugged.