Fender Player Telecaster with Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster Pickups

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This Fender Player Telecaster in Tidepool Blue has been upgraded with Semour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster pickups and a four-way switch (which adds the option of putting both pickups in series for a humbucking sound). The Player Tele is a great guitar as it is, with a lovely finish, comfy neck and stable hardware. The mods change the one thing you'd like to fix on this guitar: the original pickups are a bit middle-of-the-road. The SD Vintage Broadcaster set adds punch, openness and character to the sound, and the four way switch increases the versatility. It's had a professional setup and is ready for the stage.

Condition: near mint, just the slightest of playing traces

Mods: The pickups have been changed to a set of Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster telecaster pickups. The switch has been changed to a four way model, adding a series mode.

Repairs: none

Includes: papers and setup tools