Fender Musicmaster in Black, from 1978

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The Musicmaster is the best deal in vintage Fender guitars. The 70s models are great as well - there's not much to mess up on these stripped down beauties. Whereas a '78 Strat or Tele will likely be a plasticky boat anchor, this Musicmaster is under 3.2 kgs, resonant and light to play. For some reason, Fender continued using nitro finishes on Mustangs, Duo-Sonics and Musicmaster for much longer than on other guitars. This guitar's finish has rather fetching crazing and checking, especially on the sides. Its single pickup sounds phenomenal and the neck profile is super comfortable. Get yourself one of these minimalist machines - it will help you focus on your playing, and you'll be too cool for school.

Condition: all original, very good with lacquer checking on the sides and a couple of smaller nicks. A sticker on the pickguard has left the area below slightly matte, this is visible depending on the direction of the light.

Modification: none

Repairs: none