Fender Jazz Bass from 1977-1978

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The Jazz Bass might be Fender's only instrument where 70s models are really desirable - not in the least because of the way it defined the sound of the era. This one is all original and comes in black, a custom color at the time. The 70s Jazz Bass is defined by the position of the bridge pickup (moved closer to the bridge than on 60s models), and the use of ash for the body rather than alder. The sound is fatter than 60s models, and has more presence. It's no surprise that it basically created slap bass. Of course, this one has the cool bound neck with block inlays, as well as the three bolt neck joint. It sounds like a beast, and has a smooth, low action.

Condition: very good, with wear consistent with its age. Fully original, except for the pots, which have been replaced. Serial number is from 1977, but the neck and pickup stamps date to 1978, so full assembly will have been in 1978

Includes: bridge cover, thumb rest and a newer Fender hard case