Fender Deluxe Stratocaster Plus from 1990 with Lace Sensors

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What a great Strat! This beauty was the top of Fender's regular production line when it was made, and it comes with a full ash body, gorgeous sunburst finish, super smooth hardware and great sounding Lace Sensor Pickups. It uses a Red / Silver / Blue Lace Sensor configuration:

Red / Bridge: much more punchy and powerful than a Strat, more like a cross between a Tele bridge pickup and a humbucker

Silver / Middle: modeled on a classic 70s Strat sound

Blue / Neck: fatter than a Strat, but with the same clarity, a bit like a friendlier P90

This is one of those instruments that feels very much alive, it basically plays itself - more so than many Stratocasters I've tried. The pickups give it a cool versatility - just a great guitar for whatever you'd want to do with it.


Condition: very good with minor playwear (mainly lacquer damage on the side, as seen in the pictures)

Repairs: none

Modifications: Non-original vibrato arm. Currently, the caps are upgraded with Mallard caps, and the neck pickup's tone pot has been removed to brighten the tone a bit. In it's place sits a switch to add two more sounds (neck and bridge, as well as all three pickups). If you want, I can revert these mods - the original parts (caps as well) are included.