Fender Coronado I from 1967, Factory special

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Fender's first hollow-body guitar, the Coronado is quickly becoming a sought-after classic. It's constructed in the same way as a Casino or ES-330 - a fully hollow thinline guitar. The Coronado offers fantastic tones, thanks to its single DeArmond pickup. It's got only light wear, mainly on the back of the neck - but nothing major (and the neck is a dream!). The back of the headstock is stamped "SPECIAL", indicating it was made as a show case guitar for trade shows like NAMM. An extremely cool vintage Fender guitar in very good shape and with historc value, ready to be used immediately.

Condition: very good, the lacquer on the back the neck has worn down quite a lot. Given its age, playwear is light and the frets are still good. The bridge is not original. "SPECIAL" stamp on the back of the headstock indicates it was produced as a showcase for trade shows like NAMM

Mods: The bridge is from a Höfner

Repairs: none

Includes: a form-fitting Gator hard case with some wear but fully functional