Fender American Fat Stratocaster Texas Special HSS

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From the Hot Rodded American Series, the American Fat Stratocaster is the follow-up to the Lonestar Stratocaster and  upgrades the American Standard Stratocaster with Texas Special single coils and a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbucker. It features a regular pickup rout (no pool routing), rolled fingered board edges and staggered tuners. As comfortable as an old pair of jeans, it's the American Strat, with some added beef - a professional stage and studio machine that will never be out of place.

Condition: very good for its age and fully original. Light play wear (a 2mm nick on the side, and some light buckle rash on the back). The frets are still very good, and it's pleasantly light. No mods or repairs

Included: tremolo arm and tremolo back cover