Fano RB6 Standard in Sea Foam Green

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This is one of the best playing guitars I've ever gotten my paws on. The Fano RB6 is a cool blend of Rickenbacker and Gibson design cues, with a bolt on neck. Sea Foam Green obviously makes it even cooler. This RB6 Standard from 2017 features an alder body, super smooth maple neck and a thick rosewood fretboard. The finish is medium distressed. This beautiful instrument features stellar P90 pickups and a no-nonsense wraparound bridge. Tonally, that combination would imply balls-and-ovaries-to-the-wall rock 'n roll: the Fano happily obliges, but can offer so much more. It's very responsive to the touch, super resonant and sustains well. If you're looking for a guitar that does it all and gladly goes from bebop to trashy punk on the flick of a switch, you could do a lot worse.

Condition: mint

Modifications: none

Repairs: nope

Includes: a very nice gigbag