Duesenberg Fullerton Elite / Catalina Blue

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Duesenberg have made a name for themselves with their beautifully designed and expertly crafted guitars. Quirky and cool, with truly impeccable build quality, their instruments are used by touring artists all over the globe. This Fullerton Elite is one of their highest-end models. It's a thinline, semi-hollow guitar, with a humbucker in the bridge and a P90-style single coil at the neck. The Catalina Blue sparkle finish is gorgeous, and thanks to its PLEK-setup, it is extremely smooth to play. Like all great semi-hollows, it's a guitar suited to anything you want: an expressive, dynamic instrument that can accompany you through a lifetime of different gigs and bands. This one is near mint and ready to rock.

Condition: near mint, just the tiniest of playing traces and a little wear from the set screw on the tremolo arm. Fully original, without repairs or mods

Includes: original hard case and case candy