Charvel Dinky Pro-Mod DK24 HSS 2PT CM in Primer Grey

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The latest generation of Charvel DInky Pro-Mods are just great do-it-all guitars. Charvel took a good hard look at Suhr and came up with a feature set that is incredible at this price. This DK24 comes fully loaded with all the goods: Seymour Duncan pickups, a Gotoh trem, locking tuners, a caramelized / roasted maple neck (further stabilised with graphite inserts), easy truss rod adjustment at the heel, Luminlay dots and a very versatile switching that gives you strat, tele and humbucker sounds. The fast neck has a thin C profile and a fretboard with 12" to 16" compound radius, making it incredibly easy to play.

Condition: excellent, with just a little bit of play wear (two small, shiny spots on the back and barely visible wear from strumming)

Modifications: none

Repairs: none