Fender Mustang from 1978 in natural Ash

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This is a very cool ash-bodied Mustang from 1978. Fender's classic student model offers a lot of bang for our buck in vintage guitars, and the quality of 70s models didn't decline as much as with stratocasters. This Mustang is chock full of great sounds - a perfect fit for grunge, post punk, indie and noise rock. It's super nice to play, the vibrato is set up so it stays perfectly in tune and the out of phase sounds is perfect for when you need something a little different. Throw some distortion on, and it's a little beast. For a 70s ash-bodied Fender, it's remarkably light at 3.6 kg.


Condition: very good, light wear on the body and heavier wear on the neck (there's no damage to the wood, but some larger chips in the lacquer). Fully original.

Repairs: none

Modifications: none

Includes: original hard shell case