Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean from 1966

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A beautiful vintage Gretsch in excellent condition, ready for the next decades of rock and roll! The Tennessean's claim to fame is of course George Harrisson's use of it in the early Beatles years. It's a remarkably versatile guitar, extremely easy to play and (thanks to the painted on F-Holes) resists feedback well. It will happily give you early rock 'n roll tones, classic rock, shoegaze and modern indie tones. And it's got the nicest feeling Bigsby we've ever encountered.

Condition: excellent for its age, with playwear but nothing excessive. A lot of old Gretsches have bad binding rot, this one luckily only has it on the heel cap. The pickguard is missing

Modifications and Repairs: This Tennessean has been refretted at Guitar Doc in Berlin, where it also got a new nut. The original nut and frets are included. It's also got a modern Gretsch bar bridge, which increases the volume, clarity and sustain. The original aluminium bridge is included as well.

Includes: original hard case